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Excerpt from the Introduction of The Bible Church

This book presupposes that the Bible is the infallible revelation of God’s mind and will for man as such, it is further presupposed that it is a perfectly reliable guide in all matters of faith, church government, and discipline. On this vitally important point we agree with John Calvin and the great reformers in the sixteenth century, particularly in regard to their belief that the Bible is superior to human reason and disputation: and therefore that it needs no defense. We are no less challenged today than the reformers were in their day, and the apostles before them in the first century. We are contending against the same errors and spiritual darkness in our efforts to restore the Bible church in these last days, and to fulfill its mission in the world. The weight of the arguments made in this book in regard to the Bible church depend almost entirely on the Scripture references cited. Accordingly, the reader will not be able to give this book a fair hearing without taking seriously the Scripture references, and prayerfully meditating upon them. We encourage the reader therefore to take time to look up the Scriptures and, like the noble Bereans in Acts 17.10, “[receive] the word with all readiness of mind, and [search] the scriptures . . . [to see] whether [these] things be so.” We suspect, however, that a great many today will be like the man who, after passionately arguing with another man about a certain point of theology, was asked if he studied the Bible. He replied, “No, but I’ve heard a lot about it.” God has gifted His church with the Bible; and there is no better witness to the reliability and truth of the Holy Scriptures than the Holy Spirit and the witness of our Lord Himself. Jesus supported His teachings and based His entire message on the trustworthiness of God’s written Word.

Author:  Wade H. Phillips


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