International Ladies Ministries

Pamela Jones, Director
Cell: 812-620-0052

Have you noticed women in a social setting tend to cluster together? Some things about women can only be understood by other women. Women profit from being with other females, they learn from each other and encourage one another. Through Zion Assembly Church of God Ladies Ministries many needs and concerns of women can be met. Also, the younger women can be taught by the other women as Paul instructed in Titus 2.2-3. An avenue for Friendship Evangelism through Ladies Ministry can bring an opportunity to win a soul to Christ and to His Church. Every lady desires to be a part of a group that is acceptable, fun, loving and outgoing, which can be found at Zion Assembly’s Ladies Ministries.

An important part of Ladies Ministries in Zion Assembly is the annual ladies’ retreats. These retreats are a vibrant, growing ministry of the church, providing a time of fellowship, spiritual refreshing, and outreach for the ladies of Zion. Annual retreats are held in the United States on both the east and west coasts, along with additional retreats in other countries. For information about Ladies Ministries please contact Pamela Jones, International Ladies Ministries Director.

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