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The Voice of Zion is the official publication of Zion Assembly Church of God. The purpose of the paper is to provide a channel through which the inspiration of the Spirit can flow to and from the field; to evangelize the lost; to disciple believers; to feed and nourish the church in the Word of God; to enhance fellowship between the members and ministers throughout the world.

Voice of Zion is a monthly magazine.  With a subscription you will receive 12 issues of the Voice of Zion for the year.

1 review for Voice of Zion Magazine Subscription


    Voice of Zion magazine is an awesome periodical! To date, I continue to be blest by the old messages in the pre-1990 issues of the White Wing Messenger; their messages are so, SO relevant TODAY, and IMHO, VOZ magazine is THEE continuation of the WWM, (pre-1990) coming from a point-of-view of havng RE-EVALUATED certain Biblical points, especially of those during the time of A.J.T.’s “stroke years” and his subsequent influence by perhaps self-serving and “flamboyant” personalities who were around him at the time. This, being taken into consideration, makes ZACOG and periodicals such as VOZ, leaders in the RE-STORATION MOVEMENT, in and for, the Church of God movement at large. Praise God and praise God, I look forward with anticipation, the day when OTHER organizations who share very, very similiar, “Church of God views” as Zion Assembly, COME TOGETHER, as ONE, praise God, for the honor, glory and praise of Jesus Christ AND His Church! -Hmo Art

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