Since its adoption by the General Assembly in 1906 the Sunday School department has been instrumental in reaching, teaching and establishing individuals in the Word of God.

In Zion Assembly, we believe that Sunday School helps accomplish one of the greatest needs of today, biblical education, and therefore is essential to the mission of the church. We are instructing individuals in the ways of God and establishing God’s people in the faith by teaching God’s Word on a consistent basis.

Through our Sunday School Services we offer the Faith-N-Focus Bible Study Curriculum for adults, teens and children; in both English and Spanish. Subscribing to Faith-N-Focus is as simple as sending and receiving an email. Simply send a request of the material to the director of Sunday School Services at Be sure to specify English, Spanish or both when you subscribe. Once we receive your request, lessons will arrive in your inbox in a printable format. Not only is it that easy, but best of all subscriptions are FREE. So subscribe now to begin your Bible studies with the Faith-N-Focus curriculum. We look forward to receiving your subscription request.


To access the Sunday School Archive for years 2012-2022, click here.

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